Sunday, May 6, 2007

Finished the first 500 bikes!!!!

Wow, i just checked the last of the 500 bikes about 20 minutes ago. 13 days of building with 23-24 mechanics. The least in one day was 24, the most in one day was 62, the average was right around 50.

I gave them all their own multi-tool that they were working with for the two weeks. They will be the ones that everyone know can work on these bikes, I think these tools are in the best hands.

Thanks to Chris and Joe for all their hard work!!!

The next 500 got into customs, should be out in two week, then another 10-13 days of building will ensue. I think that we can build them all in 10 days.

I am going to enjoy an afternoon off now.



Pamela said...

More... more please! I want to hear more :)

milk tea said...

Jay - so proud of you. This project is awesome. Keep fightin the good fight:)

Anonymous said...

I just read the write-up in Bicycling about the Coffee Bike program. Have you considered soliciting donations through the Combined Federal Campaign? I'm in the Navy and each year we do 100% contact with every member of the military and department of defense civilian community allowing Federal employees to contribute with confidence that their money is actually going to their prescribed causes. Through donations some production costs and/or mechanical support (maybe mechanic training? like a scholarship (for the Rwandans)?) for the bikes would be possible. I think the idea promoted through the Project:Rwanda mission could be VERY BIG if managed and executed responsibly.

Anonymous said...

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