Friday, April 27, 2007

Building the 500

The bikes are here and have been offloaded in a warehouse that we are renting in Butare. 20 mechanics showed up the first day of building, and now all the 23 have made it. We are entering into our 3rd day of building at the moment, and we are aiming for 40 to be built today. Remember on my latest posting when i mentioned how we were going to build hundreds of bikes a day when they arrive? - well lets just say i was shooting high. The total over the last two days is about 65.

The mechanics are all working well. Chris, Joe and I are running around checking bikes and answering questions. We are jumping in there with them, working at the same lever with the mechanics, there is friendships building between us, along with laughing usually stemming from us trying to pronounce the local language.

Tomorrow I will distribute the bicycles built in the past three days to the Karaba cooperative. I hope that we will have about 100.

Sorry for the lack of pictures and detail. We are working alot these days and usually have our hands jammed into the parts of the bicycle, not smacking the keys of our computers. So, I will plan on taking some pictures today and tomorrow and throwing them on the blog.

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